Meet a naughty woman

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Seduction and flirting on the phone

As explained on, whether you are a shy man or an enterprising woman, it is quite possible to seduce someone over the phone. If you have managed to get a girl’s number at a party, this does not mean that you are going to make a deal with her. In fact, the most delicate phase remains to be done. Flirting on the phone is an art. Making a phone call increases your chances of getting a date with her more than texting.

Seduction: the signs that do not deceive

There are certain signs that reveal that a person has fallen under your spell. For example, if a person you covet asks you out, it’s a good start. If they are awkward in your presence or give you real compliments, these are all signs that they like you.

Playing with your hair

Physical closeness

Parted lips

The secrets of a successful orgasm

Many men don’t know how to make a woman orgasm. To be a good lay in bed, you must take time for foreplay. This act is very important to give a woman pleasure. Practising the right sexual positions can help her to bring him to the curtain. Older couples should try new sexual experiences to spice up their lovemaking.

Tips to spice up your desire

Sexting can create a surprise and break the routine in a couple. Indeed, sending little naughty messages to your partner increases the excitement before the reunion. Naughty games can also increase your desire. You can also increase your pleasure tenfold by letting your imagination run wild during your hot sex. There are several ways to increase your excitement. Excite your partner by making her fantasise. Another technique is to touch your wife’s heterogeneous zones during your cuddles. In addition to the back of her neck, test her reactions to your caresses and kisses on different parts of her body. Many women enjoy cunnilingus. This sexual practice arouses excitement.

Exploring new practices


Striptease is an unusual sexual practice that combines sexy dances and lascivious poses.


The BDSM practice, very fashionable nowadays, includes several accessories: handcuffs, corset, ropes…


Pegging consists of a seductive woman penetrating her man with a dildo.