Sex tips


How to behave with an escort

Each person has specific life goals. For some, they want to travel the world and experience cultures around the globe. For others, it’s simpler, but still complex, than that. They dream of being able to have someone stay with them,…

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Love bombing: a perverse practice?

Love bombing is one of the many techniques used by narcissistic perverts to manipulate their partners. By using certain tactics, they get them hooked and then they become completely unlovable. What is it really about? Brief definition of love bombing…

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Why should you always urinate after sex?

Having sex and having it regularly is important for the body. Regular sex promotes better brain function – it improves memory and concentration, supports the cardiovascular system and the immune system. It is also extremely important for our health to…

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What are the enemies of sexual desire?

Sexual desire changes and fluctuates throughout the phases of life. It is also based on memories of sexual experience, as it is the result of the balance between the physical and the psychological. Some studies point to the fact that…

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