What are the enemies of sexual desire?

Sexual desire changes and fluctuates throughout the phases of life. It is also based on memories of sexual experience, as it is the result of the balance between the physical and the psychological. Some studies point to the fact that women are more prone to libido problems. This does not mean that men are testosterone balls, always ready for sex, a decrease in libido can happen to both sexes. There are many reasons for this, it could be something you have eaten or bad habits you have in your daily life.

Foods that reduce sexual desire

Snack type foods such as : Popcorn, processed foods, fast food reduce sexual desire. With these foods you fill your body with simple sugars, refined carbohydrates and saturated fats. These bad carbs have the side effect of decreasing your blood flow and even destroying the zinc in your body thus affecting your sexual performance. As for fried foods, they contain trans fats that are harmful to your libido. Excessive use of drugs such as alcohol, medications and other drugs interfere with libido, as they are depressants of the central nervous system responsible for desire.

Physiological elements that conspire against desire

These physiological elements are only relevant for women, because for men, the libido is spontaneous. Desire occurs when they are stimulated. Among the physiological factors there are Hormonal imbalance Certain diseases: Vaginal infections, depression, hypertension and diabetes. Contraceptive pills are inhibitors, so taking them can lead to a loss of desire. Breastfeeding, prolactin reduces desire. Menopause, the hormonal changes of this phase interfere with desire. How to improve sexual desire? Take care of your vagina. It is important to know that the vagina should not be washed with soap, otherwise it will dry out. After childbirth, there are creams that increase elasticity and reduce discomfort in the vulvar area of the episiotomy. Not all contraceptive pills reduce libido. There are methods that reduce libido less than others, and there are even alternative solutions. Ask your gynaecologist for advice. Ask a sexologist for advice on methods or approaches that focus on your thoughts, behaviour and emotions, taking into account the context of your life and your relationship. Explore sex toys, their use increases pleasure and satisfaction.

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