Love bombing: a perverse practice?

Love bombing is one of the many techniques used by narcissistic perverts to manipulate their partners. By using certain tactics, they get them hooked and then they become completely unlovable. What is it really about?

Brief definition of love bombing

Love bombing is a new and entirely perverse flirting technique. It consists of seducing someone by offering them love and affection in spades. Flaming declarations are a regular occurrence, as are heart-warming surprises such as bouquets of flowers and packages of chocolates. However, the love bomber's only aim is to bolster his excessive ego. He only takes into account his feelings. The person then becomes dependent on him emotionally but also physically. In the end, he leaves her alone, full of doubts about who she is and why she matters.

Love bombing: The signs that do not deceive

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish love bombing from the passion of the beginning of a relationship. This is one of the reasons why some people are mistaken and have no doubt about the other person's bad intentions. They are sincerely in love without realising that they are dealing with manipulators. It should be noted that this can happen to both men and women. To avoid falling into the net of such an individual, it is important to take into account certain essential points. To begin with, if during the first few meetings he already mentions marriage or children, it is strongly advised to ask him to take a step back. Although this does not automatically make him a love bomber, it is essential to remain on his guard.

Some things to remember about love bombing

There is nothing wrong with receiving gifts and small gestures from time to time. It is these gestures that keep a relationship going. In some cases, however, it can be a case of poor attention by a professional manipulator. This tactic aims to get the other person hooked and then to be completely dependent on the love bomber. Once he has achieved his goals, you become a real robot that fulfils his every wish and desire. In the worst case, he will leave you alone and completely devastated by the situation and then do the same thing again with someone else. To avoid falling off the wagon, it may be helpful to remain vigilant until you are sure that his actions are in harmony with his words.

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