How to seduce and flirt on the phone?

Once you get the number of a person you like, winning them over on the phone can be an art. The following recommendations are aimed more at men than at women. This is because, admittedly, they are usually in the position of applicants. This can also apply to enterprising women.

What are the reasons for calling?

You have finally got the number of that lady you met at the party, it seems that the hardest part is done. However, in reality no, the time to doze off has not arrived. Having a woman's number does not guarantee that you will end up together, otherwise it would be obvious. Now you have to accost her and win her over by phone, in order to get a date. What are the reasons to take a call? Because a call is better than sending a text message. In this way, you rekindle your interest in your target and show that you really want to meet them again. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to check whether this interest is really mutual and possibly to intensify it.

How do you handle the call?

You can make a short first call. This will only be a way of saying hello and checking in on them in a relaxed way. At the end of this short conversation, you can end with, for example: "Okay fine. I just wanted to say hello. I'll leave you to it. See you later. The second phone call, which you will make several days later, will last longer. You can usually plan a catchphrase and two or three prefabricated questions in case of a blank. However, if the feeling is there, everything should go smoothly.

Plan the call!

Don't rush to the phone as soon as the girl gives you her number. You could be seen as a fool who has been single since 1783 and is fed up. Two or three days later is ideal, preferably a weekday evening. Exclude weekends, which are supposed to be a time of heightened social life for everyone. Another key point about circumstances. Call at a time when you are in a positive frame of mind and in a mood to wow the universe. Especially not on a day when you have received bad news and the icing on the cake is that your dirty cat has scratched you. Finally, not for the first time, women are more attracted to cheerful, deep and sensual voices.

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