The secrets to a sure-fire orgasm

In an interaction between a man and a woman, it may be that one thing leads to another, and that is a drink or two before ending up in bed. For those who aspire to achieve the latter, there are several rules that must be taken into account. Indeed, every sexual encounter must lead to the ultimate pleasure. As an illustration, according to a French adage, anything worth doing deserves to be done well. Through this article, find out how to enjoy every intercourse for sure.

A good preparation

For both men and women, the first secret to achieving orgasm is proper preparation. Indeed, this step is essential to avoid missteps. In practice, good preparation takes place before and during the date, but especially before the actual act. Before meeting the other person, it is imperative to choose the right outfit and location for the meeting. Once the meeting has been arranged, the objective of each individual is to put the other person at ease. To achieve this, he or she can intervene in the choice of drink to be consumed, or the content of the discussion to be undertaken. Moreover, during the act, the exchanges must begin with the preliminaries. In other words, these are sensual gestures that tend to stimulate the desire of his partner. These gestures generally take the form of languorous kisses or caresses.

Daring to break the routine

Insofar as sexual intercourse is one of the most pleasurable activities, it is normal that it has been practised by human beings since the beginning of time. However, with the ancestral knowledge on the subject, a habit begins to set in between the protagonists. This can lead to weariness and kill all the fun. This is why research has been undertaken to find a way to provide the same enjoyment over the years. So the solution has been to invent sexual positions that do not conform to the traditional missionary position. In order to enjoy for sure, it is necessary to vary the positions, to spice up the relationship.

The role of listening

It is important to know that sometimes good preparation and foreplay may not be enough to produce the desired result. To fill the gaps, you have to act differently. Since sexual intercourse is an exchange between two bodies, the orgasm is more intense when you listen to your partner's desires. But you must not forget to find the famous G-spot.

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