Seduction: what are the body signs that do not deceive?

Many body parts play an important role in reading non-verbal language during moments of seduction. In this guide, we present you with some signs that you should absolutely observe during the enchantment.

The look of love!

Based on the look in their eyes, you can tell if a person is sincere or not, but also if they want you. First of all, if the person looks at you and blinks frequently, involuntarily while remaining attentive, this is certainly a first sign. However, don't be fooled, because an attentive gaze with very little blinking means that the person is pretending to be interested in you. Secondly, when the head tilts slightly in the same direction as the gaze, this is also a sign of sincerity. You should also understand that a much more frequent blink with a relatively long eyelid closure shows that the person is emotional. This last point is clearer when you notice that their eyes are shining or their pupils are dilated. Finally, a person who desires you will tend to look at your mouth often. This is normal, as objects or body parts usually attract repeated attention from the eyes.

Hand messages!

Certain hand movements can be signs of affection, but also of seduction, which are particularly important to observe. First of all, it is the passage of this part of the body through the hair in order to caress it, expressing a desire to enchant. Moreover, women with long hair use it and stretch the tips towards the men they are trying to charm. Some of them bring the palm of their hand closer to the person they desire, affirming a sign of openness. Then, if the person tilts their head slightly towards their hand, it sends the message that they feel very comfortable with you. On the other hand, putting a finger on the upper lip as if groping it with a stare shows the need for great sexual desire.

Touch the person!

Touching is one of the gestures that you must absolutely take into account in order to recognise the seduction of a person. This includes touching the shoulder or the thigh, but also putting their hand on yours. Even if it only lasts a short time, this gesture represents an unconscious feeling of tenderness towards you.

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