Seduction: what men hate

On dating platforms, it is easier for men and women to seduce each other. Whereas for the first date or when you are attracted to a man, you must adopt infallible seduction techniques, both in terms of physical appearance and style of dress, as well as in terms of gestures and attitudes to adopt. When it comes to seduction, what do men hate?

Seduction: what attracts men?

According to a study, 59% of men say that a woman's look is a real seductive asset at first sight. In this age of fashion, men, especially those in their prime, are attracted to women with a trendy look. In fact, 68% of men like women with bright lipstick, high heels and chic, fashionable clothes. In addition, a study revealed that 33% of today's men like women who lead a fast-paced life, i.e. sporty women. Furthermore, 27% of men are attracted to women who are working girls, i.e. professionally independent women or entrepreneurs. Finally, 18% of men prefer active and adventurous women.

Seduction: what men hate!

Seducing a man is not an easy task, as each man has his own preference in terms of types of women. When we go into seduction mode, we generally bet on the quality of the clothes by opting for trendy and expensive fabrics, but also on the make-up which often exceeds the authenticity of each one. However, some men hate too much make-up, while others are only attracted to women with make-up. It is best to keep the balance between superficiality and natural beauty by opting for make-up that is not too revealing, but attractive. On the other hand, men hate women who are too masculine and too fatal, as well as drunk women.

What techniques should be adopted to seduce a man?

The rule of seduction is to remain natural and to be yourself by putting forward your personality. To spend pleasant moments with your partner, it is essential to always keep a positive energy and to have a sense of humour. Humour and a smile are real weapons of seduction to establish a positive connection with your man. You need to choose clothes that show off not only your figure, but also your personality while keeping it simple. To seduce a man, you need to show that you are interested in him. Here, non-verbal communication and eye contact are key.

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